Our Case Studies

Scaling DTC Health & Wellness brands including...

Generated Hunter & Gather £30k+ revenue at a 4.96x ROAS

We implemented our 3-Tier Influencer Programme for Hunter & Gather, focussing on building real relationships with hand picked creators. We turned them into genuine brand advocates, driving mass awareness, attributable revenue and generating a mass bank of authentic UGC content.

1M+ Impressions at a £5.16 CPM

Generated 604 high performing creatives for social and paid media

Drove £30k of tracked revenue at a 4.96x ROAS through a

continuously scaling programme

Hunter & Gather

Award Winning Real Food & Supplements

Generated Fussy 200+ creatives & 340K+ impressions within 6 weeks

Fussy came to us to supercharge their influencer marketing efforts, with a focus on building a low-risk ambassador program.We organised custom products to be sent to 265 influencers (all vetted for brand fit, authenticity and engagement).The results were instant, within the space of 6 weeks Fussy saw:

340K+ Impressions at a £3.91 CPM

209 authentic UGC creatives at £6.40 each

Over £11k+ in Earned Media Value (with zero influencer spend)


Refillable Natural Deodorant

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